“What I have learnt” by Sandra


I found Guru’s message resonated with my growing feeling of the importance of a spiritual umbrella. Having been exposed to the 13 Pathways of the New Love Consciousness – from love & acceptance, to gratitude – then the 11 Maitri Precepts to benefit the whole world as one, with no discrimination; respecting all religions & beliefs; & on to the prayer to Maitri Guru for each & everyone to be led by kindness & compassion: this was a message I felt aligned to.

I was privileged to attend the 2017 World Peace Puja in Nepal where I felt overwhelmed in Guru’s presence, especially by his daily blessings. I was grateful for the opportunity to meditate & reflect in such a positive & friendly atmosphere.

To focus on a ‘united world’ is the ongoing challenge, so I am hopeful that Guru’s presence in New Zealand will magnify.

Maitri Mangalam


New Zealand (South Canterbury)