Continued Prayers For The Release Of Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru

On behalf of the New Zealand Maitri Sangha. February 2024.


Nyenges & Shaigi Wayinkya

As deeply saddening as it is to see our Divine Bhagawan Guru, Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Lopam Nyus, still being held in custody in Nepal, it is important for us to keep unending faith and to remember that at this critical time in the majestic birth of the Maitri Dharma, Guru is yet again, so benevolently, sacrificing Himself for the good of all beings.

Lopam’s incarceration is bringing to the surface myriad untruths which are now starting to be seen so clearly in a groundswell of spiritual awakening, foundationally in Nepal and radiating the world over. The support for Lopam and the rising concern at His continued persecution & defamation by the Nepal Police and Government is gaining momentum. Not a loudly outspoken or violent momentum, but rather a natural, peaceful manifestation of Truth welling up in the hearts of people worldwide, as they start to see through the fabricated untruths which are becoming more and more transparent.

Maitri Precept # 10 explains that when one searches for Truth, the GuruMarga Path begins to take shape. So as more of the world’s beings start to search for Truth, more of the Maitri Dharma starts to become apparent. And for this to happen, synchronistically, it means that more untruth will be uncovered. It will crack and begin to fall away, revealing the purest form of our existence. The Truth.

We are all truly blessed to be here at this emergent time on Earth; to be born into the Golden Age of Dharma where we have the opportunity to earn meritorious punya for our soul to journey onwards and upwards to mukti & moksha. And for this, we graciously and unendingly offer our deep reverence & gratitude to Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Lopam for His unfathomable lifetimes of suffering and years of tapas, in order to bring the world the wisdom of the Maitri Dharma. This is an unmeasurable gift – for all beings.

We continue to pray that Lopam will be released from custody, and that all persecution, of both religion and race be ended entirely. May Lopam’s joyous wish for all beings to attain mukti & moksha ring strikingly through the hearts of all beings, and especially those opposing or fearful of Him, bringing us all to a heart-felt state of maitri bhav.

Forever bowing at Your Divine Lotus feet Lopam Nyus,

We offer infinite prostrations & reverence,
With love from the New Zealand Maitri Sangha


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