Happy 34th Birthday Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Lopam


With a deep feeling of reverence, awe, faith, trust & gratitude, the New Zealand Maitri Sangha bow down at Your divine lotus feet Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Lopam Nyus. We offer ourselves humbly and whole-heartedly, in full surrender, with our hearts overflowing with maitribhav. We offer countless prostrations, water, flowers, fruits, lights and incense to You and to all Paramātma Gurus on this auspicious occasion, offering endless birthday well-wishes for Your 34th birthday.

We lovingly pray for the mukti moksha transcendence of all beings and this year, we also lovingly pray that You will soon be released from custody. May all legal proceedings move forwards swiftly and may You soon be exonerated from all the false accusations. And may You be free to continue spreading the Maitri Dharma throughout the world, so that all beings can enjoy eternal states of happiness, joy & peace.

We thank You eternally for all of the suffering that You have endured Lopam Nyus, over countless lifetimes, in order to complete the unfathomable Bhagawan Marga. We feel so very blessed to be born into Your time and to walk forwards on the joyfully uplifting mukti-moksha Margapath that You are benevolently showing us. We thank You for Your limitless perseverance and for staying here with us on the Earth, as You shine Your infinite light for the ultimate liberation of all beings.

We here in New Zealand are joyfully celebrating Your auspicious day today and we lovingly remain forever at your service. May all beings feel the deepest states of joy, peace, love & happiness and may they all reach the highest possible realms of mukti-moksha transcendence!

Nyenges 💙🙏💙

With love from the New Zealand Maitri Sangha


Photos From today’s Birthday Celebrations in New Zealand: