A Maitri Response to Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru’s Detention

January 2024.

Hello, Maitri Mangalam, Shaigi Wainkhya
My name is Marty. I’m from Australia but I live in NZ with my wife Gerry.
Ive been walking on the Maitri Dharma pathway now for just over 10 years. I met Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru just after He finished His 6 year tapas meditation in the jungles of Nepal.
When I first stood in front of Guru for the first time, I just felt an overwhelming sense of peace, purity & love and I immediately knew that this Being was something that was incredibly special & precious.
Since that time, Ive been going back to Nepal each year, for around 5 months, to pay homage to this Great Guru and to slowly start to learn about the Maitri Dharma pathway.
Since meeting the Guru, my entire life has changed. My inner world is transforming and each day, Guru is guiding me towards a happier, more peaceful and move loving life.
Guru offerings the world a very precious & divine opportunity … that is, for each soul to attain mukti-moksha transcendence – may we all enjoy a heaven-like realm of eternal peace, love, happiness & joy.
Like many devotees around the world, I was shocked & deeply saddened to see the media coverage of Guru being arrested. Sadly, over the years, Ive noticed that there’s been a sort of continuous persecution of Guru, who is quite literally a living saint. These ongoing smears & now legal action are entirely unjust and I don’t understand how anyone in clear conscience coulda actually pursue these kind of actions?
So this video is really about showing my love & support to Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Lopam-Nyus …

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