Praying For The Release of Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru

On behalf of the New Zealand Maitri Sangha. January 2024.


Shaigi Wayinkya,

My name is Gerry Donnelly and I am here today on behalf of the New Zealand Maitri Sangha.

It is with great sadness that the New Zealand Maitri sangha ask for and pray for the release of Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Lopam Nyus in Nepal.

Contrary to media releases around the world, Lopam Nyus has not been legally arrested, but rather taken into custody, illegally, without a warrant, by the Nepali Police & Central Intelligence Bureau (CIB). Thus continuing & perpetuating the unjust treatment of Lopam over the past eight or so years.

On the evening of Tuesday the 9th January 2024, Nepal Police and CIB entered a house in Kathmandu and seized Lopam along with sums of Nepali & foreign currency and several laptops and cell phones, claiming, illegally & without proof, that the money was laundered. In fact, the money, laptops & phones are all donations from Lopam’s devotees the world over. We ourselves, here in New Zealand, regularly send donations to Lopam. In addition to releasing Lopam, we also therefore ask for these donations to be returned to Lopam for the advancement of the Maitri Dharma and the benefit of all beings.

Having travelled to Nepal significantly since 2012, we, the New Zealand Sangha, have the utmost respect for & faith in the Nepali people. Which is why we cannot understand how Nepal can even fathom incarcerating a Great Paramatma Being Who has come to Earth solely for the liberation of all beings.

How can a colossally compassionate Being, One Who does not even bend a single blade of grass when He walks, be repeatedly wrongfully accused of such egregious false allegations, having His reputation tarnished and Holy Precincts raided?

Is it because Lopam’s light is so immensely bright? There is no need for fear! Rather we should be rejoicing in Lopam’s Divine existence! Not locking Him up in a prison cell illegally. This is both absolutely heart- breaking and astonishing.

Lopam is a Divine Treasure for the whole world!

With deep reverent prostrations, we bow at your Divine lotus feet Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Lopam Nyus. With unbounded faith in You, we pray that all obstacles are removed and that Truth prevails with Your Divine Name being cleared, once and for all, for the infinite benefit of all beings.

We, the New Zealand sangha are fully here supporting You Lopam Nyus and the Nepali Sangha also – infinitely.

Sending You our deepest heartfelt prayers & love.
Nyenges and Shaigi Wayinkya


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