“Our Maitri Union – In service to the infinite all” by Gerry


Wrapping pristine white khatas around their necks and beaming His Divine Maitri smile, Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru blessed Marty & Gerry’s Maitri Union, at 4am on the 30th of May 2016.

Eleven days prior, on bended knee, on the sacred ground of the Guru camp in Sindupalchowk, Nepal, Marty proposed. With incense burning and with a tear in her eye, Gerry said yes. Sitting together, hand in hand, in a circle of love drawn in the red earth, their deepened connection began. And on this divinely beautiful, sunny day, with not a cloud in the sky, Amrit began to fall in what one could only conclude were infinite blessings from the Paramatma God Bhagawan Gurus for the journey forward.

For those next eleven days, energies moved constantly within both Marty and Gerry; old energies breaking and new, unifying energies manifesting. A continued process of breaking and re-merging, growing their understanding of this sacred Maitri Union.

Dedicating their marriage to Guru for the infinite benefit of all beings, Gerry saw their energies, like the two double helix strands of DNA, coiling up a huge white column of Maitri light, completely intertwining and merging. From here, the understanding unfolded that this was a multi-dimensional union; so much more than vows, rings and shared bank accounts. It was here that the words ‘Maitri Union’ rather than ‘marriage’ were given as being more divinely appropriate – and here also, that Marty and Gerry began to understand that something magical and completely Divine was taking place.

For many years Gerry had not believed in marriage, to her it was a piece of paper, a white picket fence and shared paperwork – all of which seemed drastically unimportant. A one-dimensional ‘physical’, earthly joining…..however this became something quite extraordinarily different when the vows were taken in front of the most precious, Earth-incarnated Paramatma God Bhagawan Guru.

Opening the union through the essence of Guru brought forth unimaginable insight into the depth and significance of this unique Maitri Union. A multitude of layers throughout many dimensions were energetically woven intricately together, sealing the connection for all eternity.

Many asked, and were perhaps puzzled and/or disappointed that no earthly marriage celebration was committed. However such physical and material ceremonial celebrations seemed entirely misplaced from the Divine on-goings being experienced during this time. Even rings seemed too ‘worldly’ and material to signify such a profound, multi-dimensional energetic unveiling. Even now, to explain the profundity of what occurred is deeply difficult, for to put into words something felt so purely from the heart, is impossible.

The hope is however, that one and all will see and feel the energetic connection of Marty and Gerry’s Maitri Union and will experience the ‘love net’ between them.

Sealed on the 30th of May 2016, on the hillside in Sindupalchowk by Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru, Marty and Gerry’s Maitri Union was completed with a final dedication and commitment to serve Guru and all infinite beings. These vows continue to be the foundation for Marty and Gerry’s union together as they further walk this Maitri Pathway of Truth, Love and Unification.

May this deep commitment to Guru, all beings and each other, benefit the infinite all.

Maitri Mangalam,

Gerry Donnelly

New Zealand (South Canterbury)