Happy 33rd Birthday Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Lopam

Painting by Jyampa Lhaden

We bow at Your Divine lotus feet Mahāsambodhi Dharmasangha Lopam, wholly, humbly and rejoicingly, offering ourselves in full surrender, great awe and infinite reverence as we, the New Zealand Maitri sangha, offer you endless birthday wishes for Your 33rd birthday. We rejoice in this deeply auspicious occasion, with a feeling of heartfelt gratitude for all that You do, both seen & unseen, for all infinite beings. Nyenges, Nyenges, Nyenges.

With hearts overflowing with all-maitribhāv, we offer countless prostrations, water, flowers, fruits, lights and incense to You and all Paramātma Gurus. We thank You eternally for Your myriad years of tapas over countless lifetimes, so that we may have the most blesséd opportunity to be guided & led by You on this joyfully uplifting mukti-moksha mārgapath. Thank You for Your tremendous suffering, Your limitless perseverance and for staying here on this Earth, shining Your light that keeps us steadfast & focused on being in sound maitri heart-mind-set, for the benefit of liberating all beings.

On this auspicious day of Your Divine Birth, we pray with every single fibre of our being, for the complete and total mukti-moksha transcendence of all beings. We lovingly remain at your service, most honourable Mahāsambodhi Dharmasangha Lopam Yus, always & forever, and we wish You the most happiest and joyous Birthday celebrations. 

With never-ending gratitude and humble prostrations from the depths of our hearts,

The NZ Maitri Sangha


And here are some photos of the joyful celebrations: