On Sunday 20th March 2022, in the interest of enabling worldwide Maitri Sangha members to celebrate Maitri Divas and accumulate precious dharma punya from home, BSDS NZ, with permission from Guru’s Central Office, lovingly hosted an online Maitri Divas Puja Programme for the benefit of all beings.

The Maitri Divas Puja was live-streamed so that everyone from around the word could join in and participate. The Puja started at 5pm (New Zealand time) and lasted for around six hours, with one 90 minute break. In total, there was just over four hours of continuous chanting, which joyously created a divinely uplifting experience for all celebrating the birthday of Maha Maitri Marga Gyawi.

Over 400 people tuned into the live broadcast from many different countries all around the world and after the Puja had been completed, many said they had experienced a very peaceful and serene feeling, both during the Puja and in the days that followed.

This is the second online Maitri Divas Puja that BSDS NZ has hosted and it is a tremendous honour to host such an auspicious event. It is wonderful that the worldwide Maitri Sangha had the opportunity to come together on this special day, to pay homage to the Paramātma Gurus, and abundantly accumulate dharma punya for the liberation of all beings.

With great reverence, we bow down to Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru and all Paramātma Gurus, and we lovingly thank all of the Maitri volunteers who donated their time, energy and resources to this event.

May all beings attain mukti & moksha!


Photos from the 2022 Maitri Divas Online Event:

Photos of the Pre-Puja Preparations:

Photos of the BSDS NZ Maitri Divas Day (22nd March):

The 2022 Maitri Divas Online Puja Event Video: